Guitarist Ian Crichton of Saga: No Effects

Ian Crichton via Wikipedia Commons
No effects?! Shocked, I am. According to this interview in GuitarHoo (Saga fans --by all means read the whole piece), Crichton insists he doesn't use effects. What is surprising about this? Listen to his solo in "Out of the Shadows: at 2:48.

Recent recommended solo: "Lost for Words"on the 20/20 album. 
G!: What guitars and gear do you take with you on the road?
IC: I prefer to use 2 amps, always have really. For the past 5 years I've been using a Herbert, 180 watt, Diesel for my main sound, German made by Peter Diezel and Peter Stapher, awesome! I use an A-B box, the other amp which is for clean only is a Roland Jazz 120 chorus. I haven't used effects on stage in my career, only once briefly and I didn't like it. I've always found that when your in a venue there is natural reverb-space and this is enough for me. I always play dry. The FOH (sound man) tech has full control to add something on me and can hear the exact effect out front. I do use a Wah at points but thats it. I've always used 2 guitars live, my Lado (passive) that I've had for 25 years and a Music Man Ernie Ball, (active) with EMG's. Both with 2 octaves. . .

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